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Downtown Critters

Art in the City

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The Downtown Critters project is a street art initiative taking place in downtown Toronto.

The concept is to create little bursts of surprise and joy by drawing some of the local animals of Southern Ontario, printing the drawings large scale, and putting them up around the most industrial stretches of downtown.

We’ve already started – you may have seen some of our images on the walls of the Sherbourne or Parliament underpasses underneath the Gardiner…

parliament underpass.jpg
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But there’s lots more to come!

More drawings are in the works - possums, bocats, coyotes, raccoons and otters.  Beyond the mammals, some hawks, swallows, salamander and bumble bees are ready to go. 

The pots are bubbling on a back burner with the flour paste, and the only thing holding us back is the cost of printing out the large scale images that are big enough to catch the eye in a bustling urban environment.

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If you like the idea… 

Why not support us!?!?

You could start with following us on Instagram,

telling your friends about us,

maybe you'd like to buy a poster or t-shirt,

or if you are willing and able,

make a donation!

Each print costs about $10, so even $5 goes a long way :)

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